It was recognized in my Hamrick’s VueScan too and scanned beautifully! I have loaded a really old SCSI drive in to a modern system and all is well. What happened between “still no success” and the “success” of July 39th? This 64b driver is tremendously useful — well done! Originally Posted by Shagbark.

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Another big “thank you” to MartinBravo. I loaded the drivers. Perhaps that could be of help as well. Tuesday, May 3, 6: I realise that this post is frombig as I’ve just visited this page to download these drivers I thought it would be beneficial for this to be answered for future visitors.

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Adaptec – AHAU2W

PriscillaTurner Win 7 Ultimate x64 1 posts. Thursday, July 8, 6: Windows 7 does not like the default bit driver for my U2 card aic78u2. Thanks for the great tutorial.

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. There are a lot of people out here in “never” land that would like to know this answer. Why have the people in the know not just simply created the driver and the uploaded it, so that it became easily available to everyone who requires it.


According to the discussion at the following link, some 294u02w named R. I have not tried this on windows 10, but I understand from other user comments that there are issues getting it to work.

It gave me the pop up window about an unsigned driver, which I clicked through and finished the installation. Working perfect on Windows 10 latest build. I went a couple of rounds with this before getting things working. Hi Ethe, I wanted to thank you for your post and your link. I select Browse My Computer.

SCSI on Windows 10 64-bit: Adaptec AHA-2940 (29xx) Ultra, AIC-7870 (78xx), or 29320LPE Ultra 320

There’s a lot of discussion here to this dilemma concerning Windows 7 and a driver for the Adaptec and I wanted to throw my two cents in just in case someone else finds this 294u02w a search for this problem.

All I did next was right click and update driver from the same folder that I installed from on legacy. Yes, this worked for me!! It is now showing in dev mgr but I am getting error code 10 can not start in windows 7 64 bit.

After the driver was installed my DDS tape drive was listed as a cassette drive at the top of the device list. This is a SCSI printer? I used it and pointed it into my file that I had put into the “Driver Store”: Setting up your vintage classic 68k 29402w — Creating a bootable hard drive starting with a image file and an emulator.


Can anyone force windows 7 X64 to accept Adaptec AHA SCSI card?

This is a great fix, thank you very much. Correspondingly, the following section exists immediately after the above heading in both of these.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thanks again, I wish I could return the favor, and have a great Christmas!!!!!!!!

GREAT tks a lot my friends The extra device descriptions worked perfectly. I have been searching for what seems like weeks now and can’t seem to find anything.

Glad to be of assistance! No matter what, I always get “Code 10 this device will not start” and my old Relisys large transparency scanner does not move!