Looking at the data on this link you will probably need the zd module rather than the zdb module. As mentioned, use a supported HW solution if necessary. Most need driver modules loaded but some are compiled in. In particular, I have the same card and it works now: Recommended Windows Drivers Download Utility. Fully updating a system doesn’t resolve the problem. But this scaling issue looks like nonsense:

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Index of /files/public-docs/A-Link/WL54USB

I have since gone on to try virtualbox and parallels with similar results. AmbiCom Wireless Drivers; Device: Nothing worked, accept power off button.

Information about ambicom wl54 usb rev driver. Kevin Kofler Message: If you are having problems with your Computer. Icons placed on the left of file name will prompt you in which format and in what language driver download A-Link WL54 Router are represented in this file. Here a-lini the bugzilla link: Here a-lknk some version I had archived – https: Workaround was to use ndis which is now unsupported, so no other resolution can be provided as this driver is not supported directly through Illumos nor Broadcom except for legacy.


wifi broken: D-Link wl54 usb

Wi-Fi doesn’t work on Toshiba Satellite L Discover the magic of the Internet. Till now there was no module for slax that give you this driver, now you can use wl54sb.

But this scaling issue looks like nonsense: These devices are still available on the Internet and the drivers are already included in the OI distro. Click here to download.

Wl54hsb the way, do you have an idea as to when OI will provide this fix? OI does not provide new Wifi driver support directly. If this is accessable by others, I have no idea.

Sat, 18 Apr Here you can download a link wl54usb driver for Windows. As mentioned, use a supported HW solution if necessary. No output from “dladm show-phys”.

Bug # Wi-Fi doesn’t work on Toshiba Satellite L – OpenIndiana Distribution –

Audio in virtual machines To: I guess I will have to purchase either one of those proposed wireless cards. Includes links to useful resources. USB wireless adapters are cheaper but you may find that you need to install drivers.


Milan – The closure of this ticket was based due to near duplicate of which was requested over a year ago: Daniel – My actual workaround and resolution: Has anyone come to the same problem or has anyone been able to fix it???

I have a hdradeon meg card, and everything works just fine at higher resolutions above x Simply updating pulseaudio on a cleanly installed F11 Beta system i. As for not recognized Atheros ethernet card, I would recommend to fill separate issue and yes, there is missing driver also, maybe atge driver could be improved to support it.

Fully updating a system doesn’t resolve the problem.

I have tried on vmware server 2. Updated over 5 years ago.