Compatible with all mainstream operating systems, it is less easy to configure the table on Linux No, it was much simpler than with the see my tutorial http: Veo que existen muchas interrogantes con respecto al funcionamiento del controlador Behringer BCD con Windows I’m gonna try it We have no open box units available at this time. Tracktor 3 LE comes with the console: It works pretty smoothly when the wi-fi is disabled.

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Behringer B-Control Deejay BCD3000

You can adjust it but you won’t feel it anymore under 10 ms. We just sent an email to you! That being said, this is now a legacy product and using this product will require Windows 7 or earlier operating system for our drivers to be applicable as there’s no way for us to implement a fix or workaround in this regard. Already excellent init is even better now, the product price has been reduced in Belgium by the importer!

I chose the most complete in terms of functionalitydespite a good majority of negative opinions on Behringer in general. What is so special that you love the most, least?


Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? You can download the free trial and have a go with it. But now the really good news. Currently i’m working with traktor but i saw VDJ in action and now i want to migrate!

Our members also liked: Those who are lucky to arrive to run properly without worries, but in my case, I had blue screens and dsejay traktor in times when it really had not and I struggled to make DNSC live with two Denon I’m pretty sure no one was forced to upgrade to windows Well that’s all that honorable as his! That said the silver styling on all the knobs, buttons and faders is a welcome change, as the unit is now more legible in low dejay.

Behringer BCD B Control Deejay

Create my account Continue as Guest. Buy another brand Behringer, if you read me, I am trying to publish photos of the machine that you sent me, answer me quickly. Don’t scrap this hardware! Support staff Member since Make sure that you have the latest drivers from http: Please can you help? For now, I did not make up days – What software do you use most often?

The general configuration is easy? At first glance, though, the only differences you’ll notice are a black and silver paint job and a ‘Traktor LE-enabled’ sticker: I’m wondering the same thing! I have a laptop that has almost 2 years: The flexibility and reliability of Native Instruments’ software front end is worth the extra alone. You don’t have to use the one built into the controller, especially if you are having problems with it.


Sometighs can help me how i can use?

Not more than 2. Read our privacy policy. In short Behringer product dead cheap machines, stored, or I do not know, with a surface quality control, so this seems to be buying a lottery shot. Also, don’t forget to read the manual. I used it for 1 year. At the time, yes, it was the best solution for the use of computers in dances without having paid big bucks for, say, the Xone: It works pretty smoothly when the wi-fi is disabled. The time now is