The start up time and shutter lag on this camera are minimal though certainly noticeable if you’re used to an SLR. The Shutter button to the right of it is also generously sized and the Zoom lever around it is just where I like to find it. Sleek, gentle curves that merge art and technology into a camera designed to inspire. Canon sent a metallic blue one might say cerulean model. Subject to change without notice. Comes with mounting bracket. If the camera is off when you press it, it will turn the camera on without extending the lens.

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It works great for what I need it for. There is surprisingly little barrel distortion at wide-angle 0. I purchased it just two days before this trip. This black leather case was designed specifically for most PowerShot SD series cameras for added protection so you can take them wherever you go.

ISO 80 and files produce good quality 13xinch prints.

This a a good reliable camera and very easy to use. Visit the Canon Online Store. With the SD and SD I would use program mode and auto iso but when trying to do that with the SD it wants to go to iso some times where the and would go to iso ,go figure?


The camera takes good, fast photos, even in the auto mode. Perfect size backup camera for my purse.

Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Our 10 year old Canon PowerShot camera just gave up the ghost this past month so we decided to stick with Canon again and we were not disappointed!

But I found myself often shooting cwnon the 4x digital zoom range, even for medium shots where the subject was just across the street. The main reason I chose to replace it was for the IS feature.

We were amazed at powershott sleekness and compactness of the design but it does not compromise on the quality of pictures that it takes. You won’t get those great shots of your star on the soccer field sharply focused while everyone else is caon lovely blur, but you’ll get photos that are very pleasing all the same. It does pick up fingerprints on its antiglare surface but they cleaned up pretty quickly. Incandescent, however, produced a strong red cast.

The bronze hunter is a good example. If the lighting is powwershot, it considers whether the camera is attached to a tripod something it can presumably deduce from its image-stabilization motion sensors. An auto mode calculates the optimal settings for each situation, or if you’re more the hands-on type you can select from 15 different modes for the ideal shot. Red flowers are often a problem for small digicams, which tend to oversaturate the red channel.


Canon SD IS reviews.

PowerShot SD IS

Chromatic aberration at wide-angle is strong, with bright bluish-purplish pixels visible. Overall, a very good, solid camera that takes fabulous pictures! The usual PowerShot controls are all on the back sv1300 next to a 2. My relationship with the slick little ELPH was love at first sight.

Zd1300 service center information can be obtained by visiting www. Please see Compatibility tab for compatible models. The Product purchased with this limited warranty is the only PowerShot Digital Camera to which this limited warranty applies. A Canon Customer Care representative will attempt to diagnose the nature of the problem and correct it over the telephone. My only complaints with the camera come from being so used to using an SLR: To install your download click powerhsot the name of the downloaded file.

Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS / IXUS 105 / IXY 200F

The LCD itself powrrshot 2. But I finally found a new one and was thrilled. SD Speed Class 4 or higher memory cards are recommended.