Lost control while racing for lead with Daryn Pittman, flipped out of track and hit an advertising billboard. Deflated right tire caused the car to crash head-on into crash mesh: Widely considered to be the worst accident amongst them is the crash at Le Mans that killed driver Pierre Levegh and approximately 80 spectators with over being injured in total. Down the frontstretch, Andrews began to slide, and when he attempted to correct, the car backed into the inside wall separating the pit area. A broken radius rod caused the car to crash into a wall and he was thrown out of the car: Andrews stepped into Giuseppe Farina ‘s car for a test run, but crashed. Sachsen-Rallye second special stage, Lichtentanne 1.

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Touched wheels with another car, car slammed outside wall nose first, flipped six times, slammed the wall again, tail first, it spun in ddcarlo air and landed upside down.

Right front brakeshaft broke apart, causing the car to veer left and hit the guardrail: Crashed into the decarllo barrier on Mulsanne Straightsomersaulted, hit a phone pole and caught fire. The Lotus Elite suffered a brake failure and headed for the escape road, only to found a photographer standing afca, complete with tripod.


Deflated right tire caused the car to crash head-on into crash mesh: Right wheel got caught in a rut, car spun, rolled broadside several times and landed upside down on a chain link fence.

Car hit a dog, jammed the steering, the car lost control, flew in the air and decarlk into the Tarano. Ferrari Testa Rossa. However advances in safety technology, and specifications designed by sanctioning bodies to limit speeds, have reduced deaths in recent years.

ScottSpeedFan – ARCA Racing

The rear part of the bodywork failed, the car went onto the grass and crashed into a marshal’s post. Hit another car, slid, destroyed a small wall, crashed through a gap between two guard rails and went up in flames.

Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. Argentinean Turismo Carretera Championship. Paradise Mesa Drag Strip.

New York State Fairgrounds. Struck a concrete decarpo, flipped over it, and slammed into a light pole: Tried to overtake the car of Ernst Hennelost control of the car, hit the parapet of a bridge, somersaulted and flung Guy out. Lotus 78 – Cosworth.

NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series Statistics

Car skidded sideways, went into a ditch, flipped upside down, landed on the top and burst into flames. He died the next day from his injuries in a local hospital. Lost control of the car, hit the wall, exploded and was hit by the car of Eddie Sachs. International Motor Contest Association – Modifieds.


Diego De Carlo, Jet Racing Chevrolet

Front left tire deflated and crashed into the Armco barrier. BMW – Deccarlo Crashed into the car of Giuseppe Farinaflipped and he was thrown out. The Armco parted and Birrell suffered fatal head injuries.

Turner Air Force Base.

ARCA champ Theriault makes special appearance at MARFC banquet in Michigan – ARCA Racing

Lotus 22 – Ford. Swift Cooper SC Ford. Crashed into the stalled car of Didier Pironi and caught fire. Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit. Kurtis Kraft – Offenhauser.

Alfa Romeo Tipo B. Hit wall, bounced back onto the track, ran over a wheel off a competitor and flipped over the track wall.