I found nothing on the Dell forums about this. Thanks for this tip. Now, since we are working with little endian after all, we have to swap the two pairs of digits when we put them into the registry, so we end up entering the two bytes 78, I’m not a IT-savvy guy – so maybe my question is totally dumb but: Could you help me? All you have to do is edit the registry value Mga.

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You pay thousands of dollars for a well configured flagship server and end up with video that would have been installed on an old machine. Hi, first thank you for this nice res-hack. Vista and older can do it.

One thing – I suppose, that they are for 64 bit driver version x64 in filename. Only issue i had was when the VGA was removed it reverted back to the resolution. SingleResolutions and to add all the information provided to change the. Will this computer with no monitor connected drop back to a lower resolution once Win7 notices no monitor is connected?


I’ve read this from “BayBoyBabyGirl”: Do g020ew same for height, so what you end up adding to Mga. From all I have read auto detection can not be disabled on Win 7 like older OS. As well as from extracting the Dell file set for the R II I found a set of files for both 32bit and 64bit systems at ftp: Hi, i have matrox gwe2 on x9scm-f with Windows Server SingleResolutions” Edit that entry and add for x Take your width and convert it into hexadecimal, so the number will be in base I take it they are for Server and respectively.

Right now i can pass installation without any error after i have turned off Digital Driver Signing.

I added the codes “,80,07,38,04” to the list that was already there. My email is larsenault integratedsecuritycorp. I’ve had plenty of resolution problems with KVM switches and the like.

I am using the bit drivers and I even tried using the two inf files from your rar archive. Server and XP both being NT5 this worked like a charm, as was to be expected. I’ve done it several times, but same results.


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Now, since we are working gva little endian after all, we have to swap the two pairs of digits when we put them into the registry, so we end up entering the two bytes 78, Yeah, these guys at Google did pretty good job.

Hi all, DecemberW7 x64 install on a T – can report that this solution still works great!

Rather than adding in all the screen resolutions, I just added the resolution I wanted – x Installed, restarted, and voila! Thanks for this tip.

I kept getting driver installation failed on Server when making the change. G2000ew trying to do this for a couple days now and I keep on getting the following error.

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This was extremely useful! Windows 7, I don’t think so. I tried your method but still no luck. Search the registry for “Mga. I hope it would do