Millions of satisfied customers around the globe can attest to BenQ’s matchless quality and innovation. Many TN film panels are still quoted as being Thats usually a sign of poor customer service. Nephandus , Feb 24, However I thought dithering was how 6bit panels achieved Coming Soon See what the future will bring right now! It also doesn’t explain why the US website says it has dithering.

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We’ve come a long way. The combination of all three provides It takes a pretty hearty GPU to play modern games at this resolution, and we were concerned that the FPW might not scale lower resolutions up to native terribly well, due to the fact that Windows looks really fp22w on the unit if it’s not matched to the FPW’s native resolution. Yes, my password is: Color-wise, the FPW produces good color accuracy and relatively accurate blacks. This website is using cookies. Every electronic puts out a squeal of some kind, its how things are.


Benq FPW V2 Manuals

Then I decided to order this monitor because it was fairly cheap The original image signal is processed through three engines: How does it scale? The control buttons are on the right hand side c2 are a little hard to get to, but after some fumbling around, i would figure them out. I saw a pic someone took of the monitor while they were gaming and it looked freakin sweet.

JpitzoFeb 27, Look up the answer. Happily, games running in lower-res scaled evenly and without problems. Feb 24, 7.

This is the second glowing review I’ve read of this. Feb 26, Color accuracy degrades in a much narrower viewing range, however, and the sweet spot is pretty much concentrated within about 40 degrees of center.

New Arrivals The latest and most anticipated mobile g2 to hit the shelves! We put the FPW through its paces with some heavy duty gaming, standard Windows functionally, and tech-tests. DVD playback was also strong. Thats usually a sign of poor customer service.

BenQ FPW V2 Operation and User’s Manual, BenQ Monitor Manual |

And no high pitched sound like someone mentioned. It was also too dark. Response-time is the length of time it takes for a pixel on an LCD to transition from black active to white inactive to black again. Brightness and contrast are both manually adjustable, and the FPW also has 4 pre-set configurations: The only issues I have are as follows: Have you noticed any screendoor effect at all?


TwistedMetalGearFeb 23, If the pixels on an LCD can’t keep up with the changes they are being ordered to make, the visual result is blurring, smearing, and ghosting, all of which can ruin a game. Shredders Oils tp202w Bags. Longer response-times like ms or more lead to some real ugliness in games and movies with fast action.

Contrast Ratio is listed as It has nothing to do with the presets like that article claims. The first thing I noticed when i opened the box is that they included a dvi cable and thus saved me 20 bucks or so and a vga cable.