Where no movement is not possible, a compass is needed. That’s why I upgrade. December 3, Edgy Original: The Geko — the top-end model in a line of three — measures a scant 1. GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. This is not very useful for OSM datalogging, but very convenient for navigation and Geocaching.

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Next waypoint Distance to waypoint Heading Direction to waypoint Current speed 1. I compared the altimeter with my other set of instruments and I think it is very accurate. Small hand held GPS receiver with easy to read display, electronic compass, barometrical altimeter and serial interface. The battery life is poor compared to other models, but a new set of AAAs will last you all day. Waypoints can be established anywhere to mark a location; the device will even store symbolized waypoints to let you mark fishing holes or camps with small graphics that appear on the stored GPS routes.

Light weight, easy to use, poor battery life. But who cares, it sure does the work for me and I recommend it to everyone. The digital compass feature is nice, as you can get all directional information off one device.


This wipes everything, including waypoints, owner information etc. Garmin GPS Though used works like new, a spare unit for me.

Adhesive base for dashboard mounting kit to use it in a second vehicle. The internal compass makes sighting a breeze. This is not very useful for OSM datalogging, but very convenient for navigation and Geocaching. Rubberised back keeps it still.

Garmin Geko 301 Handheld

See How to get data from a Geko That’s why I upgrade. For these three modes, the Geko has enough memory for 38,miles respectively. This sturdy and waterproof satellite navigator features a barometric altimeter that keeps you informed about the precise altitude and changing weather.

You may also like. Time To First Fix, time until the first information about gekk current position is acquired. It’s better to use a pen and paper and make a list of waypoint number generated automatically by the geko and what it represents, or use Audio mapping Keys are too small to use it with gloves Battery life significantly worse than equivalent eTrex, and ‘remaining battery’ indicator rather erratic.

Garmin/Geko series

In a GPS receiver, bearing usually refers to the direction to a waypoint. I also like the fact that the battery last for a long time. This can be cured with a full reset, which you can do by turning the unit off, then holding OK, page and power.


The barometric egko is unnecessary, as the satellite altimeters already work fine. As a journalist and writer, Regenold has covered the outdoors industry for two decades, including as a correspondent for the New York Times. This is partially compensated for by decent screen contrast, but this might be an issue for users with poor eyesight.

Garmin/Geko series – OpenStreetMap Wiki

I put it on driver’s side then try to keep it aligned with center of road. Supports recording track points based on distance. Because the altimeter is based on barometric pressure readings, the Geko has a built-in hour pressure-trend tool egko gauging changing weather conditions.

Should work well on the dashboard, tucked up by the windscreen. You can select one of the following information: OK on a mountain bike, but the compass will not work when it’s mounted on the handlebars, so you have to move a few feet before it knows its way.

Additional Product Features Resolutions. The standard garmin serial cable allows you to get tracks and waypoints off it with, for example, gpsbabel.