The problem is purely that there is no driver that works properly with this device for bit Windows, so it’s entirely a guest issue. Will check with pulse and report back. Sound is working fine on the same host with an XP guest. And when you’ll add a HDA virtual emulation, you’ll have a fourth audio source to mix. HD Audio is intended to replace AC’

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And yes, sandervl73, I understand that your reply was a joke a form of disguised critic. May be it’s the mixer device instead of the audio device that does not work ic the virtualization, and that does not properly enumerate the list of actual audio devices that it can control and their capabilities.

We need to uch out a way to add those drivers to VBox additions, with permission from Realtek. I don’t think there’s any problems with the device emulating what it claims to be.

Realtek AC97 Audio Driver for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista

Hi All, I am a total newbie in Ubuntu. Other bugs were that the last few bytes of audio data were audi played under some conditions a9c7 audible “clicks” in the best cases ; but in some cases, some extra bytes after the end of buffers were accessed as well possibly causing bus errors due to unmapped memory addresses or IO ports, or causing the audio hardware to try accessing to other unrelated mapped addresses in use by another device, and causing for example display corruption, or failure of other critical hardware.


This page was last edited on aurio Octoberat Implementing a virtual HDA controller is likely the way for the VBox guys to go long term it’s supposed on modern Windows and Linux versions without manufacturer-specific drivers but that’s a non-trivial endeavor.

Infact, no sound at all when I am in Ubuntu. Could you please describe your problem in details? Anyway, I’ve converted all my PCs now to Windows 7 host. The specification covers two types of component, and the “AC-link” digital interface between them: In fact it should just read “does not work on Windows 7 guest” because this also includes bit version “and Vista guest” where exactly the same symptom is observed.

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[SOLVED] Realtek AC97 – No sound in VirtualBox

A97 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I use vlc media player. Opened 9 years ago. Then look for the “hardware device IDs” or the “compatible device ID’s: This answers my question though, and gives me aaudio idea what works. The only problem I am facing is configuration of my sound card. With a lot of help, I successfully installed Ubuntu.

Alternatively, sample rate conversion could be performed in the DC97 controller or in the software driver. I searched for tips on configuration similar to graphics card configuration to get various screen resolution modes but to no avail. Retrieved from ” https: Also note that one important goal of virtualization is to provide a means to run legacy software.

It almost certainly doesn’t support both. The SB16 emulation likely doesn’t work for the same reason, nobody ever wrote a bit driver for it because nobody would or could use an SB16 in a bit machine.


I don’t think this is specific to the guest even if sound works on the same machine using the same version zc97 VBOX installed on the same host OS, to run a bit or bit Linux guest: Adding this as a comment in case someone comes across it.

And when you’ll add a HDA virtual emulation, you’ll have a fourth audio source to mix. The PnP enumerator also indicates that the following compatible IDs should ahdio used to match a driver:.

Many flat screens are sold with a few “acceptable” dead pixels for the same reason, otherwise the production would not suffice to the demand, and the devices would be much more expensive; Intel, AMD, and nVidia are doing the same with their CPU and GPU processors and chipsets, by recycling and downgrading them when they can’t fully reach the expected zero-default level for which they were initially built: So if you plug a HDA front panel into an AC97 motherboard you will get no output on the rear audio output.

The host audio doesn’t have akdio to do with it, the audio is fully virtualized. And possibly, this indicates a stability problem in the exposed ICH6 emulation used in VirtualBoxor the driver assumes some behavior ordering of events?