Its autofocus ranges from 12 inches 0. There was also an add-on photo flash unit made by Kodak. I often would print out the pictures I wanted using a HP Deskjet c with high grade photo paper. A second self-timer feature lets the photographer get in the picture with the subjects. Similar to the interval adjustment for slideshows, but applied only to the specific picture types mentioned. Images displayed during a slide show will play their sound clip as well.

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lodak This does much to increase the usefulness of the camera, allowing the operator to adjust the exposure to compensate for backlighting, or light subjects against dark backgrounds. It is a rare specimen among thousands of digital cameras. The camera had an optical viewfinder with dual target rings in the center to account for parallax over the zoom range.

Kodak DC DC MP Digital Camera | eBay

Display Display Form Factor. Dc60 help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. We predict it will find many applications in studio shooting, but probably few in the sports arena. Ordinary alkaline or carbon-zinc primary cells sc260 be used for daylight photography and during storage to keep the camera’s internal clock running and preserve settings, but they had excessive internal resistance and insufficient current capacity to power the camera when the photo flash was in use.


Use the Camera to Camera koak on both to set one to “send” and one to “receive”, point them facing each other, and let ’em rip. Once everything’s set, press the shutter button the rest of the way to take the picture. Or do you even notice? Pictar Pro makes your phone feel more like a premium camera It even adds a viewfinder. We posted extensive comments about the DC test results on the pictures page.

Kodak DC Series

The DC would take a wonderful picture with vivid colors The flash koodak bright. Although nickel-metal hydride Ni-MH 1. As with many current-generation digital cameras, the DC can be completely controlled from the PC via the computer connection.

Pressing the “Delete” button then clears all selected images. Depending on the image size and quality setting chosen, an 8 MB card will store anywhere from pictures.

Kodak DC Overview – CNET

Optical Sensor Sensor Resolution. Optical – real-image zoom. The right index finger falls neatly onto the shutter release and there is a handy recess for the left thumb to rest in.

A quick browse on ebay should give you some idea. This is a welcome departure from Kodak’s previous use of proprietary file formats for removable camera storage, ending with the DC This makes the camera a very useful presentation tool, particularly when equipped with a higher-capacity storage card.


Kodak DC260 1.3 mp

When the camera has completed “drawing” the high-res image, the word “Magnify” appears over the middle soft key. Some dc2600 support playback of images modified in the computer to add titles or other markings, but others do not. Above all, don’t blame Kodak for fuzzy exposures in low light: Kodak DC Series cameras.

At other times, the LCD is used for reviewing previously-captured photos, or to display menus used for setting camera status. The indication of when it has completely finished all pending processing is more subtle: Don’t know about you, but I’m really miffed about this These were clip-on lenses since the original lens had no thread. Switching flash off entails scrolling and selecting on the small mono LCD panel on top of the dc206.

These are fairly self-explanatory, except perhaps “Info” mode. The lens is very prone to flare. You may also like.

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