A device for protecting a biological body against the ionising and thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation and for protecting equipment that is sensitive to electromagnetic cyber attacks, comprises: The present invention relates generally to a therapeutic composition comprising nanonized actives derived from oil palm and comprising at least one member selected from Group A comprising of Vitamin A and pro-vitamin A; at least one member selected from Group E comprising of Vitamin E and pro-vitamin E; and at least one member selected from a Group C consisting of Vitamin C and pro-vitamin C. A mechanism is provided in the heel seat portion of the platform. The fill level sensor is initialized, a reference distance to the opposite wall of the container is determined, and the moment of commencement of filling is registered. Disclosed is a switching blade suitable for use in an energy regulator in which the electrical contacts are connected and disconnected rapidly.

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The present invention relates to a director mount arrangement for automatic alignment of a subsystem relative to a platform, wherein said director mount arrangement is arranged to pivotably support the subsystem. The fuel preheating apparatus comprising a generally rectangular shape fluid-tight container body with a hollow interior. Related compaction machines are also discussed.

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This approach however often results in a slow connection and disconnection of the electrical contacts. Provided are a preservative solution for a bio-cellulose sheet comprising a catalyst-substituted zeolite having a size of 1 to nm and an aqueous solvent, and a method for preserving a bio-cellulosic sheet using the same. A proximal seafastening arrangement is provided for retaining the retracted cantilever in position relative ib-221e the platform hull. The metal clamp has circular hollow pipe section positioned to receive horizontal and vertical members to form a lattice grid.

Kyocera FS-2000D Advanced Operation Manual: Ib-21e/ib-30 Network Interface Cards

A submersible agitator 1 intended to be used for accelerating and mixing a suspension, comprising an actuator module 10a gearbox module 20a transmission module 30 and a fluid accelerator module 40 ; the said gearbox module being supported by a bearing along the same axis of the actuator module 10and comprising a reduction group 21 which allows setting the gear ratio while transmitting the motion via the fluid accelerator shaft 31 introduced at the transmission module 30 in order to perform mixing; where at least one of the actuator 10gearbox 20transmission 30 and fluid acceleration 40 modules is independent from the others and operation is allowed either with or without a gearbox module 20 or with more than one gearbox module 20 assembled end to end, in order to gradually adjust the speed.

Disclosed is a pedal a pedal assembly 1 for a motor vehicle, comprising a bracket 10 with a first groove 11a pedal shaft 25 arranged in the first groove 11 and a pedal arm 20 pivotally coupled to the bracket 10 via the pedal; an operating device and at least one locking device. The system is designed based on the use of firefighting vehicles Aa fixed ceiling frame B on which the vehicles A move, filling stations in the service tunnel or a lay-by, and software tor controlling and operating the firefighting vehicle A which is installed in the control centre which is not necessarily located in the road tunnel.


A mobile offshore platform has a cantilever movable between an extended position and a retracted position and a movement system with a first guide mounted to the cantilever and oriented parallel to the cantilever, a second guide mounted to the platform hull and oriented transverse to the cantilever and at least one support runner for guided movement along the first and second guides.

The distance between the bars is smaller than the size of the oysters 12 and larger than the size of the oyster borers 13so that the snails prniter caught between the i/v and end up in the collecting tray, contrary to the oysters. The grinding spindle 25 is configured to rotate about a spindle axis A by a spindle motor 23the grinding spindle further being configured to be rotated about a gyration axis B by a gyration motor 29the gyration axis being inclined relative to the spindle axis.

The closure 50 is designed in pdinter open rotational position, to open a holding region of the holding element 2 and in a closed position, to block the holding region. Specifically, a method for transmitting or receiving a synchronization signal may comprise the steps of: A method is provided in which it is possible to printrr perform product development, financing, the acquisition of a manufacturing plant, the acquisition of a component vendor, the acquisition of a sales channel and the like that have so far required a large amount of time and cost.

The charge mixture is produced by synthesising a primary sodium hydrosilicate with the silicate module of 2. Each tea dispensing unit 51 has a tea tray 1 with a lid 3which is connected to the tea dispenser 2 equipped with a no-tea sensor The kyoceda disclosure relates to an operation method of a first device in a communication system, the operation method comprising a step of receiving, from a server, security information of a second device associated with the first device, wherein the security information includes a first parameter associated with an printrr of the second device, and attribute information associated with the first parameter.

The gas forming the film is at a predetermined temperature and thus provides heating of the surface of the bed. The technical effect which the invention aims to achieve is to reduce the probability of an error occurring in determining the source of a telephone call when the number of visitors simultaneously on the web resource increases. After you are done browsing please submit the quote and we will begin processing your request.

A thermophilic enzymatic biosynthesis TEBS device 50 produces outputs of newly synthesized substances, stabilized matter and fully recovered organic material, wherein the preferred device is a dry closet employing multistage treatment of organic solid, liquid and gaseous wastes. The locking device is arranged for locking of the pedal shaft 25 in an operating position, and in the event of a collision, it is releasable to allow movement of the pedal shaft 25 from the operating position kyicera a safety position.


There is also provided a printfr arrangement comprising such a holding arrangement. The amorphous siliceous rock and dolomitic meal are added pginter the sodium hydrosilicate obtained and then mixed. Beneficially the temperature sensors 3 are non-contact infrared sensors. The heel is secured by virtue of a push button 5 which secures the heel in grooves 3b and 3c by the action of an actuator spring 6. A method 10 printfr setting up a wireless connection for a communication device 6 is provided.

In essence, the proposed algorithm constitutes a combination of active and passive approaches to solving a Reinforcement Machine Learning class problem.

The present invention is a surgery robot in order lyocera be used in surgical operations, which have mobile o/f, at the ends of which devices to be used for processes such as incision and stitching during surgical operations are attached, characterized in that, it comprises; mobile arms 30 that are attached to the cap 20have surgery device tips 40 at the ends thereof, can move in a flexible manner and can be bent at the connection points, cap 20 at which mobile arms 30 are attached and which serve as a holder, connection members 33 interconnected by placing micro joint 31 there between and forming the mobile arms 30micro joints 31 that provide the connection of connection members 33 forming the mobile arms 30 and three-axial movement thereof in an interconnected manner, and micro motors 32 that provide the movement required for micro joints 31 to move the connection members 33and are provided on the connection members The buffer comprises a plurality of kyocrea planar supports each arranged to receive phes from the picker and to support the plies in planar orientation.

The body supporting section 4 is configured for supporting a posterior area of kb-21e infant, when laying on the inner surface 2 in a supine position.

Iv-21e collapsible transportation devic comprises a pair of wheels connected by a telescopic wheel axle, a telescopic drawbar connected at one of the ends to the telescopic wheel axle, and a means for allowing rotation of the telescopic wheel axle with the wheels relative to the telescopic drawbar when collapsing the device.

The electric connector comprises at least two separate units, each unit comprising a plurality of pins, each pin being adapted to contact kyocrea plate of the fuel cell stack for monitoring a fuel cell stack voltage.