Powering it down and back up usually solves that. Find all posts by zoundz. One set of instructions said to run the coax cable from the wall to the tuning adapter. I had one situation where their computer did not have the host-id and the card would not validate. Tech visited today, made a couple a phone calls, had the office make a couple hits on the tuning adapter, seemed to get it confirmed operational on the HDHR tuner webpages, but still couldn’t pull in the encrypted channels.

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One set of instructions said wiindows run the coax cable from the wall to the tuning adapter. Sage 7 does not see Prime Cable card Tuner.

Motorola Hauppauge Tuning Adapter Driver ( MTR-700) drivers for Windows 7 x64

The other instructions showed a 2-way splitter attached to the coax from the wall. After connecting everything ,otorola spent 11 minutes on the phone before determining a tech needed to come out. Only download this driver. Some are much better at it than others.

I’m told on the Silicondust forums that the firmware update is basically done via a reinstall of the HDHR software entirely it’s all one package. After having the deal with Time Warner for the past 10 years, I’m very impressed with Charter’s ability to solve problems, so far.

This driver is digitally signed by Hauppauge.

In my case, what I found was the after the CSR sent what turned out to be the successful activation signals to my card, I had to tune at least one encrypted channel to get the validation to “take”.


I’ll give it a go. The file size of this driver is bytes It’s basically the same setup I explained in a previous post, but with a cable card drive added.

Support | ARRIS

Then run another coax cable from the tuning adapter’s output to the HDHomerun. James November 13, at My local Cox store gave me instructions for running all the cables, but I found instructions on their website that were different. Just relax and be patient.

New mrt700 registration, User ID or password help, or Activate your account. Posted by Anthony Jones at For more information, see these topics: I’ve got the same problems you had.

He ended up having to replace both the cablecard mtrr700 tuning adapter. Am I looking at a complete re-do of the tuners, or will they just be recognized without issue? Floyd Morrissette October 1, at 3: I have now dealt with Charter and Time Warner, and you mention the primary difference – the folks at Charter really do seem to be trying to help get it right, something Moyorola rarely get from Time Warner.

We tried all the unplug, turn around twice and clap your hands while standing on one foot, face east and whistle a happy tune – all to no avail. Find the latest software and firmware releases and release notes.


Download and install Hauppauge Hauppauge Tuning Adapter Driver Motorola MTR – driver id

This Windows driver was developed by Hauppauge. He spent a total of about 45 minutes. Card Authentication success Card OOB Lock success Card Validation success Tuning Resolver ready In my most recent failure mode actually the cable cards have been pretty reliable most of the timeone of my 2 cable cards lost its “validation” at which point a lot of the encrypted channels started showing me “copyonce” on the tuner 77 page.

Last edited by KryptoNyte; at When talking to the CSR’s and trying to get a card going, it really helps to have the HDHR Prime web page up so you can look at mr700 the relevant stuff. Go through the driver installation wizard, which should be pretty straightforward.

I had one situation where their computer did not have the host-id and the card would not validate. All your work will be worth it in the motorila. Took the card back and exchanged it for a new one, called the CSR’s one more time and yea verily, we got it to validate and all was well.